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Comprehensive Industry Research Reports

Supporting entrepreneurs, investors, startups and established businesses with custom research reports

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Startup Research Report

Research is one of the most important aspects for your business plan. Detailed and thorough research will help you and your investor understand the current demands and opportunities of the market.  Whether you have a consumer product, software, app or service, we can help you in conducting a comprehensive market analysis of your industry.

Business Feasibility Research

You have a product idea but are not sure if there is any demand for it, hence its important to know its market potential ahead. Our market feasibility report can help you understand the overall market dynamics, competition, opportunities, threats and more. It will help you decide whether it’s feasible to invest or launch your product in a particular market or not.

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Industry Research Reports

We have experience of conducting research on all kinds of industries from IT, Education, Manufacturing, Fintech, Real Estate, E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Transportation & Logistics etc. Our experience span through global markets including but not limited to US, UK, Australia, NZ, Europe, India, Canada, China, Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile etc.), Middle East and more.

Business Plans

Are you looking for a strong business plan for your Start-up? Our business plan covers solid introduction about your business, problem and solution, detailed analysis of your market, competitor analysis, marketing and sales strategy and financial plan. We don’t work with templates, each and every business plan is built from scratch.

Financial Report
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Pitch Deck

Pitch Decks are brief presentations that gives your investors a best overview about your start-up in few slides. Our pitch deck covers product idea, business model/revenue model, market problems and solution, brief market overview and opportunity, team introduction and more!

Startup Strategy

We also help businesses and start-up create a solid marketing and sales strategy. What is the best market to target? what is the revenue model? what will be the best market penetration strategy? how to approach market? what are marketing and sales initiatives that can be implemented?  These are few questions that we answer through our market strategy report.

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looking for a comprehensive market analysis?

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