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Fitness Center Market Research Report Bridging Local

Fitness Center United States Market Research Report

US Fitness Center Industry Report Summary

The US fitness center industry has demonstrated remarkable resilience, rebounding strongly to reach pre-pandemic levels of $36 billion by 2023. This resurgence underscores the industry's adaptability and strength, positioning it for robust growth with a projected market value of $52 billion by 2030, indicating a sustained demand for health and fitness services. The industry saw a recovery from 30,200 establishments in 2020 to 31,200 by 2023. 


Customer demographics reveal insights into the industry's audience, with varying age groups exhibiting distinct preferences and motivations for physical activity. Notably, 39% of members come from households with incomes exceeding $100,000. Online fitness services gain significant attention, particularly among Millennials and Gen Z, emphasizing the industry's need for a comprehensive hybrid approach. On a regional level, California leads in revenue, boasting $6.7 billion, followed by New York, Texas, Florida, and Illinois.


This comprehensive market report offers an extensive examination and valuable insights substantiated by a diverse set of data about the Fitness Center industry. The report delves into various facets of the industry, encompassing Market Size, Market Trends, Market Drivers, Opportunities and Threats, Customer Analysis, Competitor Research (Top 8 Players) and Strategy suggestions.


For a more detailed breakdown of the contents covered in this report, please consult the table of contents provided at the bottom of this page.


We can also customize the research specifically for your local business. For an extra investment, our offerings include personalized demographic data, analysis of local trends, comprehensive location-specific research, and a thorough investigation of local competitors and market dynamics. If you're interested in exploring these specialized services, feel free to contact us.

Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary    
2. Fitness Center Industry Outlook in the United States
2.1 Fitness Center industry market revenue and projection in the US
2.2 US Fitness Center Industry: Market Projection
2.3 Number of Fitness Center Establishments and Facilities in the US    
2.4 Average Revenue per Fitness Center Location    
2.5 Product Segmentation    
2.6 Market Segmentation    
2.7 Fitness Center Market Revenue by State    
2.8 Number of Fitness Facilities of Leading Fitness Clubs in the US    
2.9 The leading U.S. states with the highest per capita revenue from fitness centers    
2.10 Fitness Club Membership Trends in the US    
3. Key Market Trends Shaping the Fitness Industry Landscape    
4. Participation Trends in Fitness Activities across the United States    
4.1 Trends in Participation for High-Impact/Intensity Training in the United States    
4.2 Trends in participation in bodyweight training in the United States.    
4.3 Trends in participation in Pilates in the United States.    
4.4 Trends in participation in barre workouts in the United States.    
4.5 Trends in participation in cross-training style workouts in the United States.    
4.6 Trends in participation in stationary cycling workouts in the United States.    
5. Customer Analysis    
5.1 Fitness Center Customer Demographics    
5.1.1 Fitness Center members by age groups    
5.1.2 Fitness Center Members by Gender    
5.1.3 Fitness Center Members by Household Income    
5.1.4 Fitness Center Members by Race    
5.2 Online Fitness Membership    
5.3 Top Fitness Facilities Visited by Americans.    
5.4 Typical Duration of Memberships in Fitness Facilities    
5.5 Average Number of Visits per Year for a Fitness Center Member    
5.6 Fitness Center Members by Monthly Dues.    
6. Market Drivers    
7. Market Opportunities    
8. Market Threats    
9. Competitor Research    
9.1 Anytime Fitness    
9.1.1 Company Profile    
9.1.2 Company Financials    
9.1.3 Number of fitness facilities    
9.1.4 Amenities    
9.1.5 Membership costs    
9.1.6 Business Strategy and Marketing Overview    
9.1.7 Strengths and Weakness    
9.2 Planet Fitness    
9.2.1 Company Profile    
9.2.2 Company Financials    
9.2.3 Number of fitness facilities    
9.2.4 Amenities    
9.2.5 Membership costs    
9.2.6 Business Strategy and Marketing Overview    
9.2.7 Strengths and Weakness    
9.3 Orange Theory Fitness    
9.3.1 Company Profile    
9.3.2 Company Financials    
9.3.3 Number of fitness facilities    
9.3.4 Amenities    
9.3.5 Membership costs    
9.3.6 Business Strategy and Marketing Overview    
9.3.7 Strengths and Weakness    
9.4 LA Fitness
9.4.1 Company Profile    
9.4.2 Company Financials    
9.4.3 Number of fitness facilities    
9.4.4 Amenities    
9.4.5 Membership costs    
9.4.6 Business Strategy and Marketing Overview    
9.4.7 Strengths and Weakness    
9.5 Crunch Fitness    
9.5.1 Company Profile    
9.5.2 Company Financials    
9.5.3 Number of fitness facilities    
9.5.4 Amenities    
9.5.5 Membership costs    
9.5.6 Business Strategy and Marketing Overview    
9.5.7 Strengths and Weakness    
9.6 24 Hour Fitness    
9.6.1 Company Profile    
9.6.2 Company Financials    
9.6.3 Number of fitness facilities    
9.6.4 Amenities    
9.6.5 Membership costs    
9.6.6 Business Strategy and Marketing Overview    
9.6.7 Strengths and Weakness    
9.7 Gold's Gym    
9.7.1 Company Profile    
9.7.2 Company Financials    
9.7.3 Number of fitness facilities    
9.7.4 Amenities    
9.7.5 Membership costs    
9.7.6 Business Strategy and Marketing Overview    
9.7.7 Strengths and Weakness    
9.8 Blink Fitness    
9.8.1 Company Profile    
9.8.2 Company Financials    
9.8.3 Number of fitness facilities    
9.8.4 Amenities    
9.8.5 Membership costs    
9.8.6 Business Strategy and Marketing Overview    
9.8.7 Strengths and Weakness    
10. Strategic Recommendations for Fitness Industry Operators in 2024    
10.1 Pricing Strategy    
10.2 Location Strategy    
10.3 Marketing Strategy

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