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Coffee shop market research report USA Bridging Local
  • Coffee Shop United States Market Research Report

    Coffee Shop Industry Report USA​​
    ​The U.S. coffee shop sector is poised for expansion, with a projected increase from $47 billion in 2023 to a substantial $49 billion by 2028. This growth not only signifies a boost in revenue but also underlines the industry's significant contribution to the national economy, amounting to a staggering $343.2 billion and providing employment to over 2.2 million individuals. Beyond mere financial metrics, the sector's crucial role is underscored by diverse consumer spending, exceeding $110 billion.


    In this competitive landscape, Starbucks stands as the market leader, boasting over 16,300 store locations and U.S. revenues reaching $27.5 billion. Dunkin follows closely with sales of $11.2 billion and a formidable presence with more than 9500 store locations nationwide. Other noteworthy players such as Dutch Bros, Scooters Coffee, Tim Hortons, Caribou Coffee, Peets Coffee, Biggby Coffee, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and PJs Coffee contribute to the dynamic nature of the market.


    Coffee consumption in the United States reached a milestone of 26.3 million 60-kilogram bags in the fiscal year 2022/2023, with expectations pointing towards further growth to 27.3 million bags in 2023/2024. Per capita consumption, sensitive to economic factors, displayed fluctuations but rebounded in 2023 with an impressive 11.9% increase. Regional differences are evident, with the Northeast leading in per capita coffee consumption at an average of 1.97 cups daily, while the South lags slightly with approximately 1.8 cups per day.


    This comprehensive market report offers an extensive examination and valuable insights substantiated by a diverse set of data about the coffee shop industry. The report delves into various facets of the industry, encompassing Market Size, Market Trends, Market Drivers, Opportunities and Threats, Customer Analysis, Competitor Research (Top 10 Players) and Marketing Strategy

    For a more detailed breakdown of the contents covered in this report, please consult the table of contents provided at the bottom of this page.

    We can also customize the research specifically for your local business. For an extra investment, our offerings include personalized demographic data, analysis of local trends, comprehensive location-specific research, and a thorough investigation of local competitors and market dynamics. If you're interested in exploring these specialized services, feel free to contact us.


    Table of Contents
    1. Executive Summary

    2. Coffee Industry Outlook in the United States

    2.1 Coffee shop industry market revenue and projection in the US

    2.2 National Economic Impact of Coffee Industry in the US

    2.3 Coffee Shop Industry: Market Projection

    2.4 Number of Coffee Shop establishments in the US

    2.5 Product Segmentation

    2.6 Customer Segmentation

    2.7 Coffee Shop Market Revenue by State

    2.8 Number of Outlets of Leading Coffee Chains in the US

    2.9 Top US cities with the highest concentration of coffee shops

    2.10 Top US states with the highest concentration of coffee shops

    3. Coffee Consumption in the United States

    3.1 Domestic Coffee Consumption Trends in the U.S

    3.2 Per capita consumption trends in the US

    3.3 Coffee per capita consumption in the US by region

    3.4 Coffee Consumption: Categories

    3.4.1 Coffee consumption by type: daily and weekly

    3.4.2 Espresso-based beverage consumption: daily and weekly

    3.4.3 Specialty vs. Non-Specialty

    3.4.4 Place of consumption of specialty coffee

    4. Coffee Consumer Analysis

    4.1 Coffee consumer in general

    4.1.1 Coffee drinker penetration in the US

    4.1.3 Coffee drinkers by age group

    4.1.4 Coffee drinkers by ethnicity

    4.1.5 Coffee drinkers by roast type

    4.1.6 Coffee consumers by additive type

    4.2 Trends in Coffee Consumption at Cafés/Coffee Shops

    4.2.1 Coffee consumption frequency at Coffee Shop in the US

    4.2.2 Coffee consumption from takeaway/at cafés in the U.S, by generation

    4.2.3 Average monthly expenditure on coffee in the US

    4.2.4 Diverse Coffee Choices Embraced by Americans in Cafés

    5. Market Drivers

    6. Market Opportunities

    7. Market Threats

    8. Competitor Research

    8.1 Starbucks

    8.1.1 Company Profile

    8.1.2 Company Financials

    8.1.3 Number of stores

    8.1.4 Product menu and pricing overview

    8.1.5 Business Strategy and Marketing Overview

    8.1.6 Strengths and Weakness

    8.2 Dunkin'

    8.2.1 Company Profile

    8.2.2 Company Financials

    8.2.3 Number of stores

    8.2.4 Product menu and pricing overview

    8.2.5 Business Strategy and Marketing Overview

    8.2.6 Strengths and Weakness

    8.3 Dutch Bros

    8.3.1 Company Profile

    8.3.2 Company Financials

    8.3.3 Number of stores

    8.3.4 Product menu and pricing overview

    8.3.5 Business Strategy and Marketing Overview

    8.3.6 Strengths and Weakness

    8.4 Scooter`s Coffee

    8.4.1 Company Profile

    8.4.2 Company Financials

    8.4.3 Number of stores

    8.4.4 Product menu and pricing overview

    8.4.5 Business Strategy and Marketing Overview

    8.4.6 Strengths and Weakness

    8.5 Tim Hortons

    8.5.1 Company Profile

    8.5.2 Company Financials

    8.5.3 Number of stores

    8.5.4 Product menu and pricing overview

    8.5.5 Business Strategy and Marketing Overview

    8.5.6 Strengths and Weakness

    8.6 Caribou Coffee

    8.6.1 Company Profile

    8.6.2 Company Financials

    8.6.3 Number of stores

    8.6.4 Product menu and pricing overview

    8.6.5 Business Strategy and Marketing Overview

    8.6.6 Strengths and Weakness

    8.7 Peet`s Coffee

    8.7.1 Company Profile

    8.7.2 Company Financials

    8.7.3 Number of stores

    8.7.4 Product menu and pricing overview

    8.7.5 Business Strategy and Marketing Overview

    8.7.6 Strengths and Weakness

    8.8 Biggby Coffee

    8.8.1 Company Profile

    8.8.2 Company Financials

    8.8.3 Number of stores

    8.8.4 Product menu and pricing overview

    8.8.5 Business Strategy and Marketing Overview

    8.8.6 Strengths and Weakness

    8.9 The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

    8.9.1 Company Profile

    8.9.2 Company Financials

    8.9.3 Number of stores

    8.9.4 Product menu and pricing overview

    8.9.5 Business Strategy and Marketing Overview

    8.9.6 Strengths and Weakness

    8.10 PJ's Coffee

    8.10.1 Company Profile

    8.10.2 Company Financials

    8.10.3 Number of stores

    8.10.4 Product menu and pricing overview

    8.10.5 Business Strategy and Marketing Overview

    8.10.6 Strengths and Weakness

    9. Strategic Recommendations for Café Industry Operators in 2024

    9.1 Menu Development

    9.2 Pricing Strategy

    9.3 Store Format

    9.4 Location Strategy

    9.5 Marketing Strategy

    10. Research Method and Sources

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