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Top NFT Bots in the Market: Competitor Report

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

NFT market is projected to grow to about $80 billion by 2025. Growing demand of NFTs is driving the NFT bot market. An NFT bot takes care of the checkout process automatically whenever you want to buy an NFT. Using an NFT bot can give you a boost in this market, but investing in the right type of NFT bot is essential to your long-run success.

Below are some of the Top NFT Bots available in the market.

  • Mintech Bots is an NFT bot for ETH Automation.

  • They offer MinTech license pass that allows clients to get access to the software.

  • They also offer Crossover Platform application for Mac and Windows users.

Price: MinTech retails at 0.4 ETH Initial Price with a monthly renewal of 0.2 ETH.

Key Features of Mintech Bots

  • Mint Ethereum NFT Drops

  • ETH Contract Minting

  • Alpha Release Guides

  • Wallet Management Tools

  • Custom Signature Drops

  • Tokun App is a true NFT traders companion, providing the most versatile technologies into the hands of an everyday NFT trader.

  • The app allows users to discover NFTs more easily, as well as to trade and track them with automated strategies.

  • They currently boast 24,149 websites on their sites and have sold 669 passes.

  • Tokun App supports $ETH and $SOL.

Key Features of Tokun App

  • Quickly glance at your saved wallet(s) profit, spending, and liquidity. Monitor certain cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

  • Tokun snipes any discounted listings in lightning speeds. Supporting all your favorite marketplaces and helps you snipe in your sleep.

  • View real time analytics of your favorited projects and customize how you wish to be notified for certain changes of the collections.

  • Be notified with their top-of-the-line automated real-time smart alerts. Configure and be notified of any price changes of your favorite collections.

  • Mass generate and mass enter into various different raffle websites with ease. All of your raffle troubles solved in one toolbox.

  • Breeze AIO is an NFT bot that support Magic Eden.

  • Breeze supports both Windows and Mac applications.

  • Breeze AIO also supports Pre minting, NFT sniping, NFT minting, Multi-wallet support/Currency, Mass wallet creation, Bulk Listing, Bulk Bidding

Price: 0.25 Ethereum per month.

Key Features of Breeze AIO

  • Signature / Captcha Support

  • NFT Alpha

  • AES-256 Wallet Encryption

  • Task / Wallet Grouping

  • Mass Transfer / Mass List

  • Disperse / Recollect

Looking for a detailed market report on NFT Bots market?

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