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Restaurant Management Software Industry Report

The Restaurant Management Software market is projected to increase from US$ 4 billion in 2021 to US$ 17 billion by 2030.

In 2018, the POS hardware market in the U.S. was worth 7.73 billion U.S. dollars and was set to reach 9.54 billion U.S. dollars by 2025.

Key Market Trends in Restaurant Industry in US

# 1 Rise in Multi Unit Franchisee across US

Across all units, the average multi-unit franchisee owns 5 franchised locations, up from about 4.8 in 2011.

The rise in unit ownership among multi-unit operators has been a factor in the growing interest from private equity and other types of investor groups to invest in franchisees. This was led by consolidations among franchise operators, as these investors are increasingly targeting multiple acquisitions of the small to medium-sized franchisees and consolidating them under their stewardship. Consolidations have led to a faster uptick in the number of units held by larger operators as compared with their smaller counterparts.

#2. Growing number of MUOs with multiple brands

There is a growing trend of MUOs owning multiple brands in US. Of the more than 43,000 multi-unit franchisees, 9% (about 3,900) operate units across several brands. While that doesn’t seem like a high percentage, it is growing quickly.

#3 COVID-19 Impact on overall Restaurant Industry

  • It found nearly one in six restaurants, representing close to 100,000 units, are closed either permanently or long-term.

  • Total Restaurant Business loss is estimated to be $240 billion

  • Overall Consumer spending on restaurants has been down by 30% to 35%

  • According Black Box Intelligence, comp sales for chain restaurants declined 12.3 percent in August 2020 as traffic fell 17.7 percent.

  • According Revenue Management Solutions’ data , traffic slid 10–15 percent, year-over-year at counter-service venues. Sales were flat to 5 percent. On the full-service side, the transactions figure was negative 30–35 percent.

  • According to National Restaurant Association, the foodservice industry forfeited $165 billion in revenue March through July.

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